Europa Advantages

​Not all cabinets are created equal. We encourage you to compare features, advantages, and benefits. We take pride in building a beautiful product at a value price.

American Made

  • Proudly manufactured in Liberty, North Carolina from domestically and globally sourced components for over 30 years

Freedom to Design

Get custom size cabinetry at no extra charge. You need 14” deep wall cabinets for those wide plates? No problem and no extra charges!
  • Modify our standard cabinets in height, depth and width in 1/16” increments at no extra charge.
  • Modify all three dimensions in one cabinet (Height, Depth, and Width)- still no charge!
  • Custom sizes allows your designer to give you a better looking and better fitting kitchen tailored to your exact living space.

Freedom to Finish

  • All specialty finishes are available to you at a great value price

Full Access Construction

  • More usable storage!
  • Wider drawers hold more
  • No cumbersome center stiles ( below 42” wide )
  • Easier to Clean – no corners to clean around

Huge Selection

  • Huge Selection of standard cabinets and parts to design with
  • Huge Selection of product choices and door styles
  • - Styles and finish selection to satisfy every taste
  • - Melamine, Wood, Thermofoil, Metal, Eurotek Veneer, and UltraLux
  • - Six wood species available

Performance Construction

  • Thermally Fused Melamine Standard Interiors
  • - Won't ever "peel off" like competitors who use paper or vinyl
  • - No need for shelf paper
  • - Highly moisture resistant surface- don’t worry about wet dishes
  • - Easy to clean interiors – saves time
  • - Color Fast – fade resistant
  • - Bacteria resistant
  • Standard full depth base shelves- more storage
  • Standard metal shelf pins- better looking and longer lasting
  • Full 5/8” machine fit solid back panel provides strength and is easier to install
  • No charge finished sides when exposed
  • Standard “Soft Close” full extension under mount glides give more storage and superior protection to your investment
  • Standard flush sides with Full Access construction gives you better looking appearance at no extra cost
  • “Snap On and Off” 6 way adjustable hinges save time and speed installation
  • Wood doors feature a 15 step finish process complete with performance Catalyzed Conversion Varnish top coats for easy cleaning and long lasting looks. 
  • Optional “Low Sheen” finish for wood doors. Get that custom look at no extra cost. 
  • Dowel and glue construction for superior strength and stability.
  • Tighter, more consistent reveals where doors and drawers meet
  • Provides “true full overlay” look, it just looks better
  • Hand Applied glazes on all finished parts 
  • Custom paint available with Distressed/Antique options
  • True hand applied custom “Glaze” finishes
  • Finished Interiors at no up charge (on cabinets prepped for glass)

Environmentally Responsible

Best Warranty

On Time Delivery

  • Great lead-times at consistent delivery dates

Performance Construction

​At Europa Cabinetry we stand behind our 100-Year Limited Warranty because we know that the engineering, construction and joinery techniques that we utilize in our manufacture of your cabinets will stand the test of time.

Construction Characteristics 

Download our Performance Construction Brochure to learn more!

  1. Cabinetry is manufactured with 5/8˝-thick environmentally-friendly EPP-certified engineered furniture core or plywood panels
  2. Dowel-and-glue joinery and fully-captured, machine-fitted back panel
  3. Flush bottom, top and finished ends for a furniture-like appearance and easy installation
  4. Footed moldings and light rails secure to flush tops and bottoms of Wall cabinets
  5. Full-width stretchers, front and rear, provide solid support and mounting surface for counter tops
  6. Toe-space blocking, front and rear, for strength and optional, coordinating Toe Kick cover
  7. Tops, bottoms and unfinished ends are covered in White, Grey or Neutral Woodgrain melamine, providing complete coverage of the engineered wood core. Finished Ends, Finished Interiors and Panels are covered in color-coordinated material
  8. Front edges have matching wood or coordinating PVC edgebanding; Tops, bottoms and backs of End Panels are also edgebanded
  9. Standard White, Grey or Neutral Woodgrain melamine interior; optional coordinating interior is available
  10. 3/4˝-thick, adjustable, full-depth shelving with edgebanding and metal shelf clips
  11. Steel, fully-concealed, clip-on/off, self-closing, 110°, 6-way-adjustable hinge with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and soft close operation
  12. Wood Dovetail Drawer with Soft Close: Box is 5/8" thick, solid wood on all four sides, dovetail joinery at each corner and 1/4" thick, fully-captured bottom, all in a Natural finish. Soft Close glides allow smooth and silent closing. Glides are a full-extension, tandem, undermount system with 100 lb. Static / 90 lb. Dynamic load rating. Standard on cabinets with all door styles except UltraLux. Wood Dovetail Pull-outs with Soft Close are available as an upgrade.
  13. Metal Drawer with Soft Close: Standard on cabinets with UltraLux door styles. Available as an upgrade with all other door styles.
    Metal Drawer with Soft Close and Touch-To-Open: An upgrade for cabinets with any door style. Open the drawer by pressing on the drawer front; eliminate the need for decorative hardware.

    The box for both Metal Drawers is the Blum Legrabox. Sides are fingerprintless metal with stainless steel look. Bottom and back are 5/8"-thick grey melamine. Soft Close glides are a built-in, full-extension undermount system with 125 lb. Static / 110 lb. Dynamic load rating. Metal Pullouts with Soft Close are available as an upgrade.

    All drawer glides have a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Care & Cleaning

Care and Cleaning Guide PDF

Europa® cabinetry is designed to withstand the daily use associated with normal household activities and should be treated like fine furniture. Follow these simple recommendations to care for your cabinetry:

Wood, Melamine, Aluminum, Thermofoil, and Eurotek Cabinetry

Clean cabinet exteriors and interiors using a soft, damp cloth (not a paper towel) and a mild, non-detergent soap (we recommend 100 parts water and 1 part liquid dish soap). Dry immediately. Do not use abrasive soap pads, abrasive cleansers, steel wool, bottled spray cleaners, solvent-based cleaners or cleaners containing bleach. Wax or polish is not necessary and is not recommended. Excessive moisture can damage the finish. Do not spray cleaner directly on cabinet or allow moisture to seep into seams or joints. Do not leave damp cloths draped over cabinet doors or drawer fronts.

Wood and Eurotek Cabinetry

The tough, catalyzed varnish protecting your cabinetry is designed to resist foods, beverages and household agents normally found in today’s homes.

Thermofoil Cabinetry

Thermofoils, while very durable, can be damaged by excessive heat. Properly installed Heat Shields protect cabinets adjacent to ovens, ranges and dishwashers. As a precaution, you may wish to open doors and drawers away from oven during high-temperature, self-cleaning cycles. Also, pull countertop appliances, such as toasters, ovens, grilles or coffee makers, out from under the cabinetry before use. Damage caused by excessive heat is not covered under warranty.

Stainless Steel Cabinetry

Stainless Steel cabinet doors should be cleaned using a soft cloth and any stainless steel cleaner available at your local supermarket.

UltraLux Cabinetry

The high-gloss surfaces of UltraLux are covered with a protective film from the manufacturer. Remove the film after cabinet installation. To clean, use a microfiber cloth, chamois or other very soft cloth with a non-abrasive soap or detergent. Do not use paper towels, brushes, scourers or scrapers and avoid harsh household cleaners and abrasives such as acetone, chloroform, benzene, ammonia, thinners, caustic soda, toluene, xylene, dichloromethane, amylacetate, glacial acetate acid, butyl alcohol, butyl acetate, cellusolve, cresols/phenols, ethylacetate, chlorinated solvents, halogenated solvents, methyl alcohol, methyl ethyl keytone and sink and toilet bowl cleaners. Safely remove any adhesive near the edges with mineral spirits.

Warning - Machining, Sanding, Sawing, or Drilling this product may produce wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer.


Small nicks and scratches that occur during daily use can be repaired using the products in the touch-up kit. Follow all instructions printed on each product. Keep all touch-up products out of reach of children.

  • MARKER: Capillary markers are ready to use, just remove the cap. Valve Markers require shaking to mix the contents. Depress the valve to start flow of contents. Do not over-flood the felt tip.
  • FILL STICK: Fill damages with the stick and remove excess material by rubbing with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. Be careful not to remove Fill Stick material from the repaired area.

Should you need a new repair kit, please call your local dealer.


​After your kitchen cabinetry is installed, it may be necessary to adjust the functional hardware on the doors and drawers to ensure proper alignment of the doors and drawer fronts. Below, you'll find technical documents from our vendors that will explain in detail how these adjustments are to be made.

Hinge Adjustment Guides

Drawer Glide Adjustment Guides

Specialty Hardware Adjustment Guides

Spice Drawer Hardware Installation


​If you need to order replacement parts, please contact your local Dealer.

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