Design Styles

Design Styles

What design style says home to you?

From Rustic Farmhouse to Mid-Century Modern, all design styles feature elements found within these three categories, Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional. Pick and choose select design elements from these core categories to create a look that is unique and personal to you.


Contemporary design is ever evolving with no specific reference of time. Its simplistic design is defined by clean lines and deliberate use of texture that presents a subtle, sophisticated feel.

Contemporary kitchen traits include:

  • A neutral palette featured in sleek finishes
  • Can feature a touch of the unexpected with a mix of wood grain texture or a splash of colour
  • Cabinet doors are clean lined with no profile
  • Minimalist approach to design


Heavily steeped in heritage. Traditional kitchens favor detailed cabinet doors that are timeless in design and feature luxe details that exemplify elegance.

Traditional kitchen traits include:

  • Mid-tone to deep rich wood stains
  • Cabinet doors often have a raised centre panel
  • Stacked furniture-like mouldings
  • Symmetrical lines


Transitional is a blend of both contemporary and traditional design styles. The mix of these design elements creates a kitchen that is relaxed and comfortable to live in.

Transitional kitchen traits include:

  • Tone-on-tone neutral colour palettes
  • Cabinet doors are typically inspired by a shaker-like design
  • Contrast in tone and texture by mixing paint and stain finishes
  • A less-is-more approach to the use of design embellishments